Our beloved Iran has beenmorefirmly than ever on the path of development, following the ups and downs of the outrageous sanctions, with the guidanceof the Supreme Leader.

In this way, it is desirable that all the various parts of the country, especially the manufacturing units, following the instructions of the Supreme Leader of revolution, use their full power and effort to implement the policies of the resistance economy in a desirable manner.


The world today is a world of creativity, innovation, accuracy and speed. Creativity in providing new products and dynamism in creating what makes today’s human life more comfortable and beautiful, the speed is also important in providing these services because we live in the computer age and the Internet and the range of providing fastservice with accurate is evident throughout the world. Because of this belief and our main motive which is to serve our fellow humans around the world, and especially our dear Iran’s compatriots, we decided to produce and supplywith dual efforts the productsworthy of their dignityto the market.

Respecting the tastes of people in different regions of Iran and the world, and believing in the production of high quality products made us toapplyexperienced personnel for the tile and ceramic company of Arg-e-Arghavani with the best materials from Iran and the world, to make use skilled designers and experts toachieve a qualitative, up-to-date and beautiful product. Now the products ofArg-e-Arghavaniwith the high purity, beautiful and innovative designs, and in various sizes, have a successful presence on the domestic and foreign markets, and we believe that we should move with double speed towards superior quality and acceptance of our customer’s wishes and demands.


Thanks to the glorious God and with the guidance of HazratValiAsr in the prestigious era of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Arg-e-ArghavaniTile Company was established in 1391 with the aim of producing a floor tile and porcelain wall in an area of 52 hectares with an annual production of 30 million square meters oftile and porcelain Ceramicbegan its activity.

The target markets of this complex are Central Asia, East Asia, the Gulf region and Europe, in this area, there are significant activities in marketing and product marketing.

100-410factori:IRAN- YAZD-ASHKEZAR
-۳۵th kilometers meybod- yazd road-the beginning of the road of choopanan
Tel: 0098-35–32372915-8
Fax: 0098-35-32374095

centeral office: no.6th, 3th Fl, venus tower, mollasadra St, Tehran – iran
Tel: 0098-21-88042168-69
Fax: 0098-21-88042170

The company has the national standard certificate of Iran No. 8947746948, as well as international certificates of ISO 9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS 18001.

طرح ریونیز

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